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Food Cravings Got The Best Of You? Find Out What Your Body Is Really Craving!

June 27, 2013

Diet Scare Woman on White with Snack Food

Cravings, we all have them and at the worst of times, they get the best of us.

Depending on our mood and circumstances at the time, we will either give into them or be strong.  More times than not, when we give in we tend to go CRAAAAZY and binge away. Not always the best strategy.

Binging can not only add on calories, but also a nice boatload of guilt.  Not something we need or want.

We beat ourselves up for having no willpower and consider ourselves weak.  Hogwash!!  What if I told you when you are craving a specific item, your body is really crying out for certain micronutrients?

What Are Nutrients Discover Exactly What Nutrients Are

Let’s explore the following common cravings, what our bodies really want and need, and how to get them in a healthy way.

If you crave:           What you really need is:           Healthy food that has it:


Chocolate                  Magnesium                                        Raw nuts and seeds and fruits

Sweets                         Chromium                                           Broccoli, grapes, cheese, liver & chicken

Carbon                                                 Fresh fruits

Phosphorus                                        Chicken, beef, liver, fish, eggs, dairy, nuts

Sulfur                                                    Cranberries, horseradish, cruciferous veggies

Tryptophan                                          Cheese, liver, raisins, sweet potato &  spinach

Salty Foods               Chloride                                                 Fish, unrefined sea salt, raw goats milk

Fatty Foods &

Sodas                           Calcium                                                  Broccoli, kale, mustard and turnip greens

Breads                     Nitrogen                                                High protein foods: fish, meat and nuts

PMS                          Zinc                                                        Red meats, seafood, leafy and root veggies


As you can see from the list ,we can get what our bodies crave and need from eating healthy foods and eschewing the non-healthy.  The one exception of the list for me would be the chocolate.  I am ok with eating chocolate as long as it is a pure, dark chocolate with a cacao percentage of 70% or higher.

The next time you have a strong craving, before you cave in, ask yourself if your diet has been lacking in any of the foods listed above.  I know  the healthy items are not as exciting or delicious as what we crave, but remember your body wants to be healthy.

To your health,





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