Tired of belly bloat, heartburn, and feeling gassy?

  • A 30 min. phone conversation
  • WHY - WHAT - HOW:
  • WHY are you reaching out?
  • WHAT are your goals and desires from working together?
  • HOW my program works and how my philosophy plays out
Cost - FREE

  • Initial appointment - 1 1/2 - 2 hours
  • In-depth health history
  • Review of food journal
  • Analysis of lifestyle & daily stressors
  • Hands-on functional evaluation (optional, but strongly encouraged)
  • Game plan with detailed road map with instructions
  • Supplementation suggestions
Cost - $155
  • Four 1-hour sessions
  • Review of food journal
  • Goals and homework assignments
  • Education of nutrition, toxins, stress, and healthy living
  • 2 Functional Evaluations
  • Review of supplementation
Cost - $85/session
($75/session when purchased up front)

To achieve the best results and see progress, I require a minimum commitment of 4 sessions. Accountability, check-in's and updates to your specific individual plan is a crucial aspect to success.

Stand alone sessions are available. Sessions are 90 minutes in length, at a cost of $125 per session. .

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