Tired of belly bloat, heartburn, and feeling gassy?


“I’ve been picky my whole life. As an adult I ate like a 6 year old with chicken tenders, french fries, pasta with butter and strawberries. That was my diet in a nutshell. It got to a point where it was effecting my health inside and out. I mean, of course it did, look at my diet! It was more than just being “picky,” it was also about being mentally blocked and stubborn. Sandra was able to help me come out of that shell, see myself from the outside looking in and direct me into the area of change that I needed. I still have a journey to continuously work on each and every day, but Sandra was able to give me the nutritional knowledge I needed, the mental strength and exercises I was missing and the encouragement to do so. With all this she developed a foundation for me to go forward on this great journey. Now I’m juicing vegetables, eating more of a variety of foods and I’m taking all of this on mentally first. I would highly recommend Sandra.”

—Rocky B.

“I was very skeptical that changing my diet could improve my quality of life and reduce my frequent migraine headaches. However, after working with Sandra and eating “clean”—my headaches are essentially gone and I haven’t needed prescription drugs to control them in months! I am so thankful and so is my family.”

—Stacy H.

“I met Sandra on another journey but I am so thankful to have been a part of this one with her. Before I started on the Fast Track to Hot and Healthy, I felt “lost,” tired, depressed, and continued to gain weight. She has been so instrumental in my healing and the motivation that I needed for success. When I first committed, I hoped she would be the one that could help with my weight issues. She exceeded my expectations. Initially, I believed that this would be about nutrition…it was far more than that – it was about education, soul searching, spiritual and emotional wellness, and my journey to reach the best me that I can be. It took work but I realized somewhere along the way that I wanted to work. She not only helped me with nutrition, helped me learn to cope with and manage stress better, to believe and understand that I am important too, determined which supplements I was deficient in, but also suggested foods that would work for me. Sandra also gave me so many fantastic ideas and tips that helped me to reframe my thoughts and behaviors regarding food. As she has gone through many of the same struggles that I am in currently, it’s like she was reading my mind. Sandra has a beautiful gift to share with others, and I have been blessed to have crossed paths with her. I feel “found”. She has given me far more than I even realized that I needed and mere words could never express my gratitude. I wish I could give myself more time with her…it’s truly one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. I have a lot of work ahead but I am equipped to get there…all because of one amazing, smart and intuitive woman, whom I admire, who made me feel empowered. “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ― Maya Angelou”

—Michelle B.

“Sandra is an understanding person there was no wrong answer or making u feel bad about messing up. This was the most successful I have ever been with a program by sticking to it. I feel great.”

—Denise A

“Sandra doesn’t just teach this program, she lives it!! I know I have a long way to go to be as healthy as she is but I will get there. She is a true inspiration to me. This program works!”

—Connie S.

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